Relieve Pregnancy Pain With a Prenatal Chiropractor in St. Louis

In a perfect world, our babies would float weightlessly in our bodies, and we’d never have to worry about compromising our backs to meet them. Sadly, that world can only exist in our dreams, and our bodies have to handle a lot throughout pregnancy. While we’ll never be immune to gravity, we do have professionals who know a thing or two about providing lasting support to help us out. By scheduling regular adjustments through a prenatal chiropractor in St. Louis, your body will be able to handle pregnancy without the pain. 

Support Your Changing Body With A Prenatal Chiropractor in St. Louis

Crossroads Family Chiropractic

Crossroads Family Chiropractic is a woman-owned practice that provides care for all ages. The practice was started by moms to take care of parents throughout their pregnancies. Their prenatal adjustments can move your baby into the best position, shorten your labor time, and even relieve common pregnancy symptoms, including nausea and insomnia. They also provide postpartum appointments, pediatric appointments, craniosacral therapy, and acupuncture. 

A mom to be sits against a wall with a hand under her bump in a white maternity dress Prenatal chiropractor St. Louis

Gateway Chiropractic

Gateway Chiropractic is a practice started by Dr. Joseph Sas. The St. Louis office provides general chiropractic services, including migraine care, spinal decompression, muscle adjustment, and prenatal chiropractor care. Through their prenatal adjustments, they make sure your pelvis is balanced to increase your body’s function and provide relief from the typical pregnancy strain. Dr. Sas uses a range of different techniques and will create a custom plan for your course of care. 

Clayton Chiropractic

Clayton Chiropractic provides specialized treatment for families as well as athletes. The practice features two doctors who understand the toll high endurance activities can have on the bodies. Throughout your prenatal adjustments, they’ll educate you on stretches that you can do at home to continue your treatment. On top of these services, the office provides postpartum care, pediatric adjustments, and prenatal acupuncture. 

A mom to be in a white lace maternity gown lays across a bed in a studio Prenatal chiropractor St. Louis

Serenity Chiropractic and Wellness

Dr. Jordan Sinn-the face behind Serenity Chiropractic and Wellness-has spent her entire career revolutionizing prenatal care. While she’s certified in the Webster Technique, she weaves together various methods to provide you with a personalized approach. Dr. Sinn accepts St. Louis patients of all ages and will be sure your pregnancy is as comfortable as possible with prenatal chiropractor services. 

Full Circle Health St. Louis Prenatal Chiropractor

Full Circle Health was founded by Dr. Emily Noonan to provide specialized care that makes parenthood a little easier. Dr. Noonan offers both pediatric and prenatal appointments. Her goal is to help you feel your best by finding misalignments that can cause strain. Throughout your care, Dr. Noonan will consistently ensure your body is ready to handle all the changes of pregnancy. 

Prenatal Chiropractor St. Louis

Pregnancy should be an exciting time in your life! With a prenatal chiropractor in St. Louis, you can get relief from common symptoms so you can actually enjoy preparing to meet your baby. 

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