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What is a birth story?

A birth story is a collection of images that document and preserve the memories of you and your partner welcoming your baby into this world on their birthday. It tells your baby's birth story by documenting your labor and delivery all the way through the first hour after your baby is born. 

My approach to birth stories is truly documentary. Meaning that I document the true, authentic story of your labor and delivery as it unfolds without any posing whatsoever. This will allow me to capture the raw unforgettable moments of bringing your baby into this world that you will want to hold on to forever.

Once you are in active labor I will join you at your birthing facility and I will stay until your baby is born. There is no time limit to the birth coverage! I am on call for you 24/7 starting at 38 weeks and will be available day or night. I aim to capture all of the key moments from active labor to one hour post delivery.  I take pride in my ability to be a "fly on the wall" so that I am able to respect your birth space and capture your birth without being intrusive.

I offer birth photography as well as birth videography, which gives my clients the option to include a film that will tell the story of their baby's birth in a more emotional way. Births films are a unique way to document all of those emotions going on in the room during your baby's birth, that photos simply cannot capture in the same way. Imagine being able to capture your baby taking his or her first breath, or even hearing their first cries! 

*Birth films are an add-on to your birth story and cannot be booked without photos.

I document birth stories in birthing facilities throughout the St Louis and surrounding areas. Including hospitals, birthing centers, or in your home if you chose a home birth.  I take on a very limited number of birth stories throughout the year and book out 6 or more months in advance. So it is important to book your birth story as soon as possible to ensure that I am available. 


+ Mercy Hospital St Louis
+ Barnes Jewish Hospital 
+ Memorial East 
+ St Joseph Health Center

+ St Joseph Health Center- Lake St Louis
+ St. Luke's Hospital 
+ Missouri Baptist Medical Center
+ Mercy Birthing Center
+ and many more

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