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Hey mommas to be! Today’s blog is just for you, so we can talk all about what to wear for your maternity session. I love documenting those beautiful growing bellies and there are so many different ways that you can accentuate your curves, all within your comfort levels...

What to wear to your maternity session



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St. Louis does not come up empty-handed in search of cute local stores for your children! These fantastic St Louis baby stores can help you find the perfect outfit or gift for that special little someone in your life. So, keep reading to learn more about these amazing local shops! 4 St. Louis Baby Stores […]

St Louis Baby Stores for Everything You Need in Parenthood


A newborn baby sleeps in a white swaddle and bonnet with hands crossed under her chin St Louis baby stores

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Finding out you are now expecting is exciting but can also be worrisome. Other parents love to share horror stories about what they have heard or what happened to them, and all you can think about is what will happen to you! All of this is part of the process, and the worry is completely […]

St. Louis Fetal Care Institute to Ease Worries with Excellent Care


Details of a sleeping newborn baby's face St Louis Fetal Care Institute

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One of the strangest things about parenthood is how toys tend to appear out of absolutely nowhere. Eventually, all of us have to deal with a toy box filled with items of unknown origins. And while your child might have forgotten about them, all of a sudden, they are now the most important possessions in […]

Happy Up Inc for Mindful Toys That Are Always Adored!


A newborn baby sleeps in a white swaddle and floral headband with hands poking out

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Finding out that you are expecting a child is some of the best news you will ever receive! They say raising a child takes a village; well, having a baby does too. You can never have enough care and support. That is why Purple Lotus Doulas offer services to help you every step of the […]

Purple Lotus Doulas Provides Top Care and Support for Your Journey


Details of a newborn baby face

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Are you planning your family or already expecting? Congratulations! I am so excited about your new adventure and its many beautiful moments! Bringing a baby into the world is so special and unique for every mother, and who helps her along that journey is just as special and unique. Some choose a midwife for their […]

Washington University OBGYN: The Finest Care for Your Journey


A newborn baby sleeps in a white swaddle and lace bonnet in a studio Washington University OBGYN

"My experience with Kelly was Amazing! Truly above and beyond. Kelly made me feel absolutely stunning during my maternity shoot and so comfortable. My photos are memories I can keep forever and enjoy. I am so thankful for Kelly capturing these moments for me of my first pregnancy."

Kelli, maternity session

As mothers, we want to hold on to each moment, every milestone, each kiss goodnight. As we grow older alongside our children, the memories of those moments begin to fade and our photographs are all that we have left. With my help, let's turn your beautiful images into stunning art pieces that you can walk by and enjoy everyday on your walls. Custom gallery wall design included.

The importance of heirlooms and legacy.

Timeless, modern heirlooms

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