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When you’re a parent, you quickly find out kids don’t come with a pause button. They have lots of energy, and if they don’t have a space to let it out, they will swing from the curtains or jump from the furniture. If you don’t feel like spending the summer calling up drywall repair companies, […]

Plan an Outdoor Adventure at 8 Great Playgrounds in St. Louis


Happy parents in white stand holding their sleeping newborn daughter while their son plays with a wooden plane below them

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If there’s one thing you can count on in life, it’s that summer in St. Louis is going to be hot and humid. While you can always stay inside and camp in front of the AC, your kids are probably getting a little stir-crazy around this time. That’s why you need a splash pad for […]

Cool Off This Summer at 6 Fun Splash Pads in St. Louis


A mom and dad introduce their toddler son to his sleeping newborn baby sister in a studio before visiting a splash pads St. Louis

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St. Louis tends to get its seasons all jumbled around, resulting in four different winters and the world’s most confusing fall. However, if there is one thing this city understands, it’s how to give you the hottest summer ever. Just walking from the grocery store to the parking lot in July will make you sweat! […]

ISR in St. Louis Ensures Confident Water Safety for Your Child


A newborn baby stretches while sleeping in a white swaddle and headband before taking ISR St. Louis

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Whether you’re the fun aunt in the family or you have kids of your own, a great toy store is one of the best tools to have at your disposal. From shopping for birthday parties to finding the perfect Christmas gift, these stores will offer knowledgeable experts who will help you find exactly what you […]

3 St. Louis Toy Stores My Family Loves to Visit!


A mother sits on a bed holding her newborn baby with her smiling toddler son in a green onesie

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The baby stage is one of the most magical times imaginable. You get a front-row seat as your baby grows and learns about the environment all around them. Still, it can be a little isolating for parents. It can feel like you’re constantly stuck in the house, trying to strictly adhere to your infants’ routine. […]

Make Memories With 4 Things To Do With Babies In St. Louis!


A father holds his sleeping newborn baby out in front of him while standing in a studio

"My experience with Kelly was Amazing! Truly above and beyond. Kelly made me feel absolutely stunning during my maternity shoot and so comfortable. My photos are memories I can keep forever and enjoy. I am so thankful for Kelly capturing these moments for me of my first pregnancy."

Kelli, maternity session

As mothers, we want to hold on to each moment, every milestone, each kiss goodnight. As we grow older alongside our children, the memories of those moments begin to fade and our photographs are all that we have left. With my help, let's turn your beautiful images into stunning art pieces that you can walk by and enjoy everyday on your walls. Custom gallery wall design included.

The importance of heirlooms and legacy.

Timeless, modern heirlooms

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