Find Your St. Louis Midwife To Support Your Birth With Compassion

In the heart of the Midwest is a vibrant city with rich history and a deep appreciation for natural childbirth. St. Louis, Missouri, is a place where expectant mothers can embark on an amazing journey with the dedicated support of a St Louis midwife. Far beyond the traditional hospital setting, these compassionate and skilled professionals have made it their mission to empower women and honor the sacred art of birth. 

3 St. Louis Midwife Options for Amazing Support!

Peaceful Beginnings

Peaceful Beginnings is just that – a peaceful oasis in the realm of birthing care. Nestled in the heart of St. Louis, this compassionate team of midwives embraces the belief that every birth is a sacred and transformative journey. With a focus on holistic, woman-centered care, Peaceful Beginnings offer expectant mothers an oasis of support and understanding. Their personalized approach honors the inherent wisdom of the female body. They empower women to make informed choices throughout their pregnancy and birthing experience. Through gentle guidance, evidence-based practices, and a serene environment, Peaceful Beginnings fosters a peaceful beginning for both mother and baby. 

A newborn baby sleeps on its back with hands out in a white knit bonnet

Barefoot Midwife 

Barefoot Midwife embodies a philosophy rooted in natural, gentle, and personalized care. With a deep respect for the inherent strength of women’s bodies, Barefoot Midwife provides comprehensive support throughout the entire pregnancy and childbirth journey. Additionally, their warm and nurturing approach fosters a sense of trust, allowing expectant mothers to feel heard. From prenatal consultations to labor and postpartum care, as well as education and counseling to labor support, Barefoot Midwives offer a range of services that prioritize the emotional and physical well-being of both mother and baby. With their gentle touch and unwavering dedication, Barefoot Midwives bring a sense of confidence to mothers. 

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Jamaa Birth Village 

Jamaa Birth Village is an extraordinary organization in St Louis that is revolutionizing midwife maternity care. Above all, their mission is to provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and inclusive support to women and families throughout their childbirth journey. With a commitment to addressing disparities in healthcare, Jamaa Birth Village offers top-notch services. Some of these include prenatal care, birth support, and postpartum services to marginalized communities, ensuring that every family has access to high-quality and empowering care. Additionally, services include:

  • Childbirth courses
  • Doula care
  • Midwifery care
  • Apothecary
  • & more!

St. Louis Midwife 

When it comes to your pregnancy, you are going to want to be in the very best hands. Being involved in your own pregnancy and birth decisions will give you confidence you didn’t know you had before. You will also be closer to your baby while they are being born in the most peaceful space and with the most tender care. 

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