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Hey mommas to be! Today’s blog is just for you, so we can talk all about what to wear for your maternity session. I love documenting those beautiful growing bellies and there are so many different ways that you can accentuate your curves, all within your comfort levels...

What to wear to your maternity session



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The toddler stage is one of the most magical parts of being a parent. Yes, you have to deal with all the tantrums and fits, but you also get to watch as your child becomes their own person. Their imagination kicks into overdrive as they discover the world all around them. One of the best […]

5 Engaging Toddler Activities in St. Louis For The Whole Family


A young boy lays on a couch cuddling with his sleeping newborn baby sister before some Toddler Activities St. Louis

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When you live in St. Louis, you always have to be prepared for an unpredictable forecast. It’s not rare to be wearing shorts one day and scraping frost off your windshield the next. If you have small kids, one of the best tools you can have at your disposal is a great indoor playground. This […]

Discover the Best Indoor Playgrounds in St Louis For Your Family


A young toddler boy with blonde hair and a green romper cuddles with his newborn baby sibling on a bed

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At this point, we all know about the endless benefits of cloth diapers. Unfortunately, being a budget-friendly eco-hero takes a lot of time and a whole lot of laundry. That was, of course, until diaper services came along. If you’re in the 314 area and have ever considered cloth diapers, let me introduce you to […]

Diaper Services in St. Louis Help You Say Goodbye to Laundry


Details of a newborn baby's feet sticking out of a swaddle after receiving Diaper Service St. Louis

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Having a baby is one of the most transformative experiences you can encounter. You spend months growing this perfect little being, and the second you hold them in your arms for the first time, your entire world shifts. Unfortunately, the entire process can also be physically transformative, and some of the changes might be a […]

Get The Help You Need With Pelvic Floor Therapy in St. Louis


A mother smiles and nuzzles her sleeping newborn baby while standing in a studio window before some Pelvic Floor Therapy St. Louis

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During the first few years of your baby’s life, you likely spend a lot of time making sure they get the most out of this stage. Whether you’re reading enriching books or finding educational toys, you’re working to make sure their brains are working full-time. If you are on the search for another way to […]

Help Your Baby Thrive with Baby Music Classes in St. Louis


A newborn baby sleeps on its belly in a studio after some Baby music classes St. Louis

"My experience with Kelly was Amazing! Truly above and beyond. Kelly made me feel absolutely stunning during my maternity shoot and so comfortable. My photos are memories I can keep forever and enjoy. I am so thankful for Kelly capturing these moments for me of my first pregnancy."

Kelli, maternity session

As mothers, we want to hold on to each moment, every milestone, each kiss goodnight. As we grow older alongside our children, the memories of those moments begin to fade and our photographs are all that we have left. With my help, let's turn your beautiful images into stunning art pieces that you can walk by and enjoy everyday on your walls. Custom gallery wall design included.

The importance of heirlooms and legacy.

Timeless, modern heirlooms

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