Anna the Doula: Your Trusted Expert During Pregnancy

It’s no secret that pregnancy is a pretty overwhelming experience. Your body changes by the day, and it can be impossible to anticipate what’s going to happen next. On top of that, you probably have a pretty clear idea of what you want for your birth plan, and it can be alarming when you realize that all of it can change at a moment’s notice. It’s probably a pretty safe bet that you could use an expert right about now. As a St. Louis family photographer, I get the chance to chat with lots of new moms about their favorite professionals in the area. If you are in search of a professional who will be by your side, I would love to introduce you to your new best friend, Anna Doula

About Anna the Doula

Anna the Doula is better known to her friends as Anna Sutkowski. Anna has always had a passion for studying the way birth can transform you. She adores getting to know people and diving into their experiences so she can come out with a better understanding of who you are today. She uses evidence-based information to provide inclusive care for every family around the St. Louis area. In recent years, she has added an additional doula, Becky, to her team. The two work to ensure you have consistent care throughout your pregnancy so you’re empowered to have the birth experience that’s right for you. 

An expecting mother wearing a long black maternity gown smiles while sitting across a bench in a studio after meeting Anna The Doula


Anna the Doula provides birth services around St. Louis, St. County, Jefferson County, Eureka, and the Metro East area. She will accept most hospital births as well as home births that are assisted by a midwife. Throughout her work, she strives to make her services accessible to all. She will provide an HSA/FSA reimbursement and also have flexible payment options. Throughout your pregnancy, she will schedule several visits so she can sit down with you and get to the heart of your birth plan. She can give you recommendations and connect you with local resources that might help you out. Once labor starts, she will be by your side, advocating for you and ensuring your plan is followed as much as possible. She can take pictures throughout your birth to ensure you can have memories of this moment. Following labor, she will provide immediate postpartum care. 

A mother to be smiles down her shoulder while standing in a studio in a black maternity gown


In addition to her Anna the Doula services, Anna offers a childbirth class designed to get you completely prepared for your delivery. These classes use evidence-based information that will help you be knowledgeable throughout every scenario. They happen once a week for four weeks, and you can complete them over Zoom. 

A mom to be in a black maternity gown sits across a couch while smiling down at her bump after meeting Anna The Doula

You Will Absolutely Love The Care And Support Of Anna the Doula

With Anna the Doula, you can have compassionate assistance so you can be prepared for your delivery! Schedule your consultation soon so you can decide if she’s the doula for you! 

If you’re looking for more ways to prepare for your little one, I would love to connect. I am a St. Louis photographer, and I adore working with parents to celebrate their newest arrival. If you’ve considered booking a session, then let’s have a conversation so you can decide if I am the photographer for you!


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A rating of 5 is not high enough for Kelly!! Kelly is an amazing photographer, was absolutely wonderful to work with, and was quick to reply to emails. Shes an upbeat and positive person, which made out photo sessions comfortable and fun!! Kelly is professional in more ways than one and I highly recommend her to anyone in the St. Louis area wanting some maternity and/or family photos taken!

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