Discover the Top Services For Placenta Encapsulation in St. Louis

Over the years, placenta encapsulation has grown more popular. Many moms swear the process has helped their body regulate hormones while increasing their milk supply. Plus, the capsules will give you nourishment following the hard work of labor. If you have been considering encapsulating your placenta following delivery, the first step is to find a practice that will use the utmost care while completing the process. I would love to give you a list of the top St. Louis placenta encapsulation services so you can find out more. 

Take Advantage Of The Health Benefits Of These Services For Placenta Encapsulation In St. Louis

New parents stand in a studio cradling their sleeping newborn baby on mom's chest after Placenta Encapsulation St Louis

Purple Lotus Doulas

12401 Olive Blvd, Suite #103, Creve Coeur, Missouri 63141

Purple Lotus Doulas is a practice committed to giving you your ideal birth experience. The center offers encapsulation services all across St. Louis. The team primarily uses the Traditional Chinese Method but can provide raw encapsulation if you prefer. They will inform you how to have your hospital save your placenta, and then they will pick it up from you. Normally, they will have the capsules ready to go within 48 hours of pick up. 

Midwest Placenta Encapsulation

Midwest Placenta Encapsulation has been working since 2015 to provide encapsulation across the greater St. Louis area. The practice was started by a mom who wanted this option for her own children but couldn’t find places that offered it in her area. A true DIYer at heart, she decided to do it herself! She has since completed all the licensing and certification, including the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training. You will have your hospital set aside your placenta so you can take it home. From there, she can handle the rest. There is typically a 48-hour turnaround time. 

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St. Louis Postpartum Services

St. Louis Postpartum Services is a center that was started by a mom who experienced postpartum depression after the arrival of her first baby. During her next pregnancy, she decided to try out placenta ingestion. The results were so great that she wanted to go into business helping other local moms. She provides both raw prep and encapsulation. Pick-up and delivery will be included in your birth package. You can also opt for placenta prints and tinctures. 

St. Louis Placenta Lady

Lisa VanDyne, aka the St. Louis Placenta Lady, has spent over 12 years helping local moms improve their postpartum experience. She has worked with over 1,400 clients to provide them with easy-to-ingest capsules. Lisa uses the Traditional Chinese Method of encapsulation and does all of it with dedicated equipment in her own space. She will handle pickup as well as delivery. Within 48 hours, you will have your finished product.

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You Will Love The Benefits Of Placenta Encapsulation In St. Louis

With these professionals, you can have placenta capsules to power you through the postpartum recovery. Check out these teams for placenta encapsulation in St. Louis today! So you can find the person who works best for you. 

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