Keough Chiropractic for Prenatal & Pediatric Relief for You & Your Children!

We all think of chiropractic services only being used when we are older and our bodies start to slow down. Basically, all of us after the age of thirty! The truth is, chiropractic services are for everyone of all ages… that is right… everyone! Babies, kids, teenagers, moms, dads, aunties, uncles, grandparents, pregnant mommies, chiropractic services are for everyone. At Keough Chiropractic, they offer something for everyone in the entire family. They have a range of services and such friendly staff. It is the perfect place to go to feel your best! 

About Keough Chiropractic

Clients at Keough Chiropractic believe that the staff and doctors are so much more than just a chiropractor’s office. They have a large scope of knowledge and tricks up their sleeve that really do work. Additionally, they provide individualized care for all of your family’s needs. Chiropractic care has so many benefits. No matter what your needs are. 

A mother cuddles and tickles her toddler who is wearing a brown onesie Keough Chiropractic

Prenatal and Pediatric

When you are pregnant, chiropractic care reduces labor times and the need for pain medications, reduction in preeclampsia, and helps with breastfeeding and latching. For infants and children, chiropractic care can help with head tilts and movement and can provide relief from colic, reflux, and so many tummy problems, as well as multiple ear infections. For adults, chiropractic care helps with back pain and stiffness, headaches, migraines, leg pain and numbness, arm pain and weakness, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a cheesecloth swaddle around its waist with feet up in the air Keough Chiropractic


Keough Chiropractic effectively relieves many individuals suffering from back and neck ailments. Additionally, they treat many other musculoskeletal complaints. Their main treatment method typically consists of a spinal adjustment (spinal manipulation) combined with adjunctive therapies and applications to provide the most effective and efficient relief from neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Keough Chiropractic has flexible scheduling, knowledgeable staff, scheduling is flexible, and friendly atmosphere, all while receiving amazing care to help keep your body and health aligned. They have highly affordable rates and flexible payment plans, so no matter what your family’s situation may be, Keough Chiropractic can work with you. 

A newborn baby wears a white bow headband

Keough Chiropractic

For a great family atmosphere and a practice who truly sees and cares about you and your specific needs, Keough Chiropractic believes that you are more than just a number. They treat you like family every time you walk into the office. From services for everyone ages 0 to 99, Keough Chiropractic is the place to go to instantly start to feel better and healthy

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A rating of 5 is not high enough for Kelly!! Kelly is an amazing photographer, was absolutely wonderful to work with, and was quick to reply to emails. Shes an upbeat and positive person, which made out photo sessions comfortable and fun!! Kelly is professional in more ways than one and I highly recommend her to anyone in the St. Louis area wanting some maternity and/or family photos taken!

Angela, Family session

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