6 Things to Do When You Find Out You are Pregnant

6 Things to Do When You Find Out You are Pregnant | St Louis Newborn Photographer

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your pregnancy!!! Now that you finally see that pink line in the window your first major hurdle is complete, you are pregnant! But, now what? It’s time to figure out what to do next! Let’s take a look at 6 things to do when you find out you are pregnant.

6 Things to Do When You Find Out You are Pregnant. Pregnant mom during studio maternity session. White Studio. St Louis Maternity Session. White Maternity Dress.

6 Things to Do When You Find Out You are Pregnant

1. Take it all in

First things first, take a deep breath and take a moment to let it all sink in. You just found out that you are a mom! Right in this moment, YOU. ARE. A. MOM! There are not many other major live altering moments quite like this one. You will remember this day for the rest of your life. Cherish this moment!

2. Calculate your due date

Let’s find out that date you will obsess over for the next 9-10 months! You can use this DUE DATE CALCULATOR to try to find out your due date. Some will find that this date can be quite off, so keep in mind that this is just an estimate until you get in to see your doctor.

Dad holding Newborn baby boy in nursery in Kirkwood, Missouri. St Louis Lifestyle Newborn Session.

3. Tell your partner the news

If you haven’t already done so, tell your partner that they are going to be a new parent too! Some people will find a creative way to break the news (see this blog post) while others cannot wait to call with the news!

4. Call Your OBGYN

Most new parents are surprised to find out that your OB doesn’t necessarily need to see you right away, unless you have a medical condition that requires an immediate visit. However, you will want to get an appointment on the calendar sooner rather than later. Most OB appointments are scheduled pretty far out and you won’t want to have to wait because they are all booked up. Your OB will likely request to see you when you are 9-12 weeks along. If you know you are newly pregnant (5-6 weeks-ish is when most people discover they are pregnant), that feels like a lifetime to wait! But it will be worth it, I promise. This will be one of your favorite appointments!

Mo Bap Baby Birth Story. Mom holding baby after delivering at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St Louis. Photo by St. Louis birth photographer Kelly Laramore

5. Decide what you want to document during and after your pregnancy

During your pregnancy

How do you want to remember this time in your life? Think about what you can do to document your pregnancy from start to finish. This can be SO fun and can help you look forward to each step in your pregnancy journey. Some will use a pregnancy journal to document how they were feeling along the way or even write down their strange pregnancy cravings.

You will also probably want to document your growing belly! This can be a simple photo each month in the same location and same outfit! Your final photo can be the same location and outfit, but this time you are holding that sweet baby in your arms.

Another way to document your pregnancy is through a maternity session with a professional photographer! Our clients can choose any of the following options:  

Studio Maternity Session
Maternity Boudoir Session
Outdoor Maternity Session
Lifestyle Maternity Session

We recommend that you choose a session date between 32-37 weeks pregnant to ensure that your baby bump is nice and round. Try to avoid scheduling your session past 37 weeks just in case baby decides to arrive early. We also want to make sure you are still feeling amazing and some women begin to feel very uncomfortable during the last month of their pregnancy.  If you are carrying multiples, consider scheduling your session even earlier.

6 Things to Do When You Find Out You are Pregnant. Mom holding pregnant belly in green maternity dress. St Louis Maternity Session.

After your Pregnancy

Think about what you would like to document once it’s time for baby to arrive! There are SO many ways to bring in a professional photographer to document this time for you.

  • Birth Story
  • Fresh 48 Session
  • Newborn Session (studio or lifestyle)
  • A Baby Plan (milestone sessions- 6 Months, 12 Months, etc)

Figure out what is most important to you and talk it over with your partner! Photography is an investment but these images will be cherished for many generations. And remember that photographs are the only way to stop time!

Dad holding newborn baby boy in Lake St Louis Studio Newborn session.

6. Find a photographer

Here’s where I come in! I am usually the second or third person (if not the first) to hear the news when my client finds out they are expecting! If you have a photographer, contact them ASAP! Most photographers will be booked solid for 6 or more months in advance, especially if you are considering birth photography. I have had several clients contact me before they are even pregnant, just to find out details in advance and prepare financially for their investment in their photos. Which will capture and freeze this momentous moment forever. Not only for them, but for their baby.

If you do not already have a photographer, do your research!! Here’s how to start:

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations
  • Do a Google search (or Pinterest)
  • Get a list of prospective photographers started and then take a look at either google or facebook for client reviews.
  • Next, take a look at their website and social media to be sure you love ALL of their work. Every session can look a little different, so you need to love their overall portfolio to be sure their style of work aligns with what you envision for your session.
  • After contacting them, be sure you understand the process from start to finish and that you understand their pricing! Everyone’s pricing will be a bit different.

If you have questions, then reach out to them and ask! This will tell you a lot about their ability to communicate and their level of professionalism. The number one red flag when looking for a professional photographer is not being able to speak with them directly on the phone. It’s important to find a photographer that you are comfortable with. As well as finding one who is completely transparent with the process and pricing, and willing to answer any questions you might have.

Baby boy laying on swaddle during an in home lifestyle newborn session by kelly laramore photography. Located in Kirkwood, missouri.

I hope these 6 Things to Do When You Find Out You are Pregnant was helpful in getting you started on your pregnancy journey!! Finding out you are pregnant can be overwhelming at first, but just remember to take a deep breath and soak in all those moments. Congratulations on your newest member of your family!

If you are local to St. Louis, Missouri and you would like to start documenting your journey from pregnancy to baby, contact me here for more information!


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