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How To Become a Brand Rep Without Being a Professional Photographer

Many businesses have joined the marketing game of using brand ambassadors (also known as brand reps) to help promote their businesses. They are able to do this for very little investment in marketing, which is why it is very popular among small businesses. It is so easy for moms with young kids to become a brand rep and you do not have to be a professional photographer to do it either! It’s less about having professional photos and more about having real life photos of kids using their products. So how do you become a brand rep and why should you? First lets start by looking at what it means to be a brand rep.


You might have seen celebrities sharing images on Instagram that promote big businesses like Blue Apron or Fab Fit Fun. They often ask followers to use their codes for a discount on the product. The celebrity is likely getting free products along with payment for their efforts based on the amount of followers using their discount code. What about small time people like us? Well, we also have an opportunity to do the same!  It’s all about your social media following. The larger your following is, the better the compensation. The good thing is that you do not have to be a celebrity and you certainly do not have to have a large following to get started!


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Getting Started Is Easy

It’s typically much easier for moms with young kids to become a brand rep, even with little to no followers. In the beginning, you’ll want to pair up with small businesses selling handmade products for children and babies. This could be clothing, shoes, toys, etc. These businesses will likely offer you a hefty discount off the purchase of a product in exchange for photos of your kids wearing or using the products they sell.They might even offer free products. I will not work with a business as a brand rep where I am required to make a purchase unless I was already planning to buy from that company. This is why it’s important to work with businesses you have already bought from or have plans to purchase from. The larger your following is, the better chance you have of a company offering you free products. Keep in mind that they will expect to be able to use these photos on social media to promotes their products, so you have to be comfortable with photos of your children being shared online.


It is not uncommon for a business to ask you to follow certain guidelines. Most will ask that you share these images on your Instagram account and tag their business. Some will require you to send images within 4-7 days of receipt of the products. They might also ask you to share a discount code for your followers to use if they plan to buy. This lets the company track how many people are purchasing from your Instagram, blog, or other social media account. Many companies will then give you store credit based on the amount of purchases made using your code.

How To Become a Brand Rep?

Step one: Start an Instagram account

In the beginning, most moms will create a dedicated Instagram account specifically for brand repping because they want to keep it separate from the rest of their personal photos of their family. When you get started, do not worry about not having followers. Simply ask your current followers and friends and family to jump on over to your new account with the promise of lots of cute pics of their favorite kiddos. You will build your followers over time so don’t worry. Feel free to follow me @kelly.laramore and I will be happy to follow you back!

Step Two: Join Rep groups on Facebook and follow #brandrepsearch on Instagram

This will help you find businesses who are searching for brand reps. Do not get discouraged, it may take some time before you get your first gig. Once you get started, it will be easier to get noticed.

Step Three: Start taking photos

Practice taking photos of the kids and get photos posted on your Instagram account. Use hashstags and tag the businesses of the products your kids are wearing or using. For example, tag #targetstyle if your kids are wearing clothes from Target. You do not have to be a brand rep to tag a company or business. You will get noticed and get an increase in followers if you are tagging brands. Also, consider following other brand reps to get photo ideas.

Step Four: Reach out and apply to be a brand rep

You can find tons of businesses posting under the hashtag #brandrepsearch on Instagram. Most brand rep searches will be posted with simple instructions on how to apply. You can also find businesses that are searching for reps in Facebook groups like Together We Rep . You have to move quickly if you want to get noticed, especially if it comes with free products.

Step Five: Get your first gig and follow these tips

Once you are selected as a brand rep get started by following a few tips from other mom reps shared below. Feel free to follow our contributors at (@raising.amelia) and (@Whipplecrew).

Tips from other brand rep moms:

  • Find the right fit – You will want to find businesses that fit your style and have products that you will actually use.
  • Create a cohesive style – Be sure your photos are uncluttered, avoid filters that change the colors of the products, use the best light in the house or go outside, and don’t forget that lifestyle photos get the best response. Click here for tips on taking photos indoors. 
  • Understand the guidelines established by the business you are repping for and follow them
  • Don’t take on more than you can handle!
  • Research how the hashtags you are using can help promote the businesses your are repping for and how you can use it to gain more followers.

I am so excited to share information on how to become a brand rep with all of my mom clients! It is a lot of fun and has the potential to get you a lot of free products! Comment below if you are inspired to start repping!

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