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Newborn Session : How To Prepare

Learn all the tips about how to prepare for your newborn session to ensure your session is successful and enjoyable. I am a professional St Louis photographer specializing in maternity and newborn sessions. Today, I’m sharing tips on how to prepare for your newborn session to ensure it’s a stress-free experience. My clients will receive an email before their newborn session to be sure they are well prepared.

To ensure the most successful newborn session possible, here is a list of tips:

The Morning of Your Newborn Session

Give your baby a bath and lotion time the morning of your session. This will allow your baby to have plenty of awake time in the morning before your newborn session. By the time you’ve arrived at the studio, your baby will be good and sleepy!


Make sure you leave plenty of time for nursing or bottle-feeding before you head to the studio. Aim to feed your baby around 20- 30 minutes before your newborn session start time. Some babies are cluster feeding around this time. You are welcome to feed your baby at any time throughout your session as needed. If your drive time is longer than 20 minutes, feel free to time your baby’s feeding to begin as soon as you arrive at the studio.

Prepare For A Warm Studio

The studio temperature will be set to around 75 degrees to ensure your baby is warm and happy throughout the newborn session. Some parents find this uncomfortable, especially dads. Consider wearing lightweight clothing or even a change of clothes for when you are not participating in the newborn session.

Dress Your Baby In A White Onesie

My style offers a timeless look to your images and my go-to is an all-white style. An all-white style goes with any home decor and prevents the images from feeling dated due to trendy wardrobe styles. We will want to start with baby in a white onesie. This allows me to capture those sweet newborn session details (fingers, lashes, toes, etc.) without any distracting colors in the background and keeps your baby warm during the session. This also allows me to quickly swaddle over top of the white onesie if your baby starts to get fussy. I have white onesies at the studio if you do not have one! However, if you dress your baby in a white onesie at home before heading to the studio, it will make it a bit easier to get started without disturbing baby.

What to Wear For Parents & Siblings

All clients receive wardrobe and styling assistance from me! We will schedule a wardrobe planning appointment to discuss what is available for you in the client wardrobe closet. We will also discuss ideas for shopping on your own. If you are still undecided on clothing after our meeting, my fallback recommendation is that families dress in timeless and classic styles that will not date over the years. For a simple/classic look, go with white! A white top and light grey or beige trousers for Dad are always a great option. If you’ve selected pieces from the client wardrobe closet, I will have them ready for you! You are also welcome to bring a backup outfit if you would like however, we can pin anything that doesn’t fit perfectly! 

What To Bring To Your Newborn Session

Bring extra bottles if your baby is bottle-fed, a breast pump if needed, diapers and wipes, several binkies, and a change of clothes for your baby after the session. I recommend a zipup sleeper for a quick and easy change. You can also bring any special items you wish to include in your session. Don’t worry too much if you forget something, I have many items at the studio that you might need – newborn headbands, swaddles, bonnets, lotion, baby brush, water, snacks, wipes, etc.

Stay In Carseat

When you arrive at my studio, please bring your baby in their seat to avoid waking them up. When you come inside, we will quickly make a game plan for the session and then get started with baby.

Newborn Session Posing

When it comes to capturing baby alone, I will work slowly and gently to place your baby in poses that they fall into naturally. I want your baby to be completely comfortable throughout the session. You can expect a very relaxed, calm, and quiet newborn session. There’s nothing better than capturing natural baby-led posing. We want to look back at images from your newborn session and be reminded of how they were during this time.

Avoid Other Outings

Some clients will try to fit in as many things as they can in one day to make the most out of their trip out of the house. I STRONGLY suggest avoiding scheduling any other outings or appointments on the same day as your session. Your baby may become over-stimulated and this will make for a stressful day for everyone!

Prepare For How Long Your Session Will Last

My goal is to capture your session within 1.5-2 hours in length, so be sure to set aside 2.5 hours so that we are not rushed.

Learn more about newborn sessions over on my newborn session Information page. Looking for a St. Louis Newborn Photographer? Let’s connect!


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A rating of 5 is not high enough for Kelly!! Kelly is an amazing photographer, was absolutely wonderful to work with, and was quick to reply to emails. Shes an upbeat and positive person, which made out photo sessions comfortable and fun!! Kelly is professional in more ways than one and I highly recommend her to anyone in the St. Louis area wanting some maternity and/or family photos taken!

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