Top 21 Favorite Dad images

My Top 21 Favorite Dad Images by St. Louis Photographer Kelly Laramore Photography

In celebration of father’s day 2021 coming up, I wanted to share all of my favorite dad images from my past sessions! I have thousands of images so I decided to limit it to my top 10 Favorite Dad Images from newborn sessions, fresh 48 sessions, milestone sessions, and family sessions.

One of the biggest concerns I hear from my mom clients is how uncomfortable Dad is feeling about their upcoming session. I can totally understand the concern because my husband often feels the same way. Most of the time Dads are not the ones to book me for their session. So they have not seen my portfolio and they have no idea what my style of posing is. The unknowns of how their session is going to play out can cause quite a bit of anxiety.

If your partner is having some concerns, this is a great blog post to share with them before your session. He can see the kind of posing that we will do and the images he can expect to have at the end of the day. Who knows, maybe he will be inspired to come to the session with new ideas!

Photographers, if you’re looking for inspiration for dad poses at your next session, this is the perfect post for you! Also, check out my portfolio page for more inspiration. For even more help, check out my Pinterest page!

Are you local to the St. Louis County or St. Charles County area? Do you still need to book your session for 2021? I am getting close to booking up for the year, so be sure to contact me to request all of the booking details and secure a session on my calendar.

Dads In-studio and at In-Home Sessions

Dad in white dress shirt, dad holding newborn girl, dad wearing watch, smiling dad at studio newborn session
dad holding baby in lab, newborn girl in white onesie, dad. newborn looking up at dad ar newborn session
dad holding newborn girl, dad at barnes jewish delivery room, newborn baby yawn
dad holding twins, twin boys sleeping, dad at studio newborn session, newborn session on white background
dad in recliner, dad holding newborn, newborn hand wrapped around dad's finger, dad rocking in nursery, lifestyle session
dad in baby boys nursery, travel nursery decor, dino sign in nursery, dad looking at newborn boy
dad snuggling newborn girl, baby girl with pink bow
dad skin to skin, newborn girl in diaper
dad in front of window with newborn, dad holding newborn, newborn kisses
dad holding newborn head in hands
dad burping newborn girl, pink burp cloth, white onesie

Dads At Sunset

dad with toddler, first birthday session, dad kissing baby boy cheek
dad throwing baby in air, sunset first birthday session, smiling baby, baby in plaid
baby laughing, orange tree in the fall, dad lifting baby up
dad in plaid, orange sweater, dad twirling daughter, fall open fields, orange leaves
little girl spinning in dress with dad, white fence, fall family session at sunset, red beard, yellow flower dress, old navy jacket, fall boots
Dad spinning toddler girl, toddler navy dress
Cool dad and teen son, manly poses
fall toddler outfit, sunset session with baby, sunset family session, smiling baby, smiling dad
dad with arm tattoos holding newborn, newborn with pink bow
dad hands full, dad with 4 kids at studio session


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A rating of 5 is not high enough for Kelly!! Kelly is an amazing photographer, was absolutely wonderful to work with, and was quick to reply to emails. Shes an upbeat and positive person, which made out photo sessions comfortable and fun!! Kelly is professional in more ways than one and I highly recommend her to anyone in the St. Louis area wanting some maternity and/or family photos taken!

Angela, Family session

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